MICA Grad Show 2014    |    View on Behance

This year-long project pulled together content from the Maryland Institute College of Art’s sixteen graduate programs to promote and record graduating student work. They developed an identity system that looks great on its own but can also showcase bright artwork, then designed and developed a responsive website, mailers, poster, and forthcoming print catalog.

Design: Nour Tabet, Richard Blake, Emma S. Forbes, Yingxi Zhou

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I just went for a night run and it was great. Short, but great. And Nicki Minaj in Monster literally had me going so fast. I write this as a reminder that running is and should be a part of my life, and not the mental excuses that convince me 9/10 times to stay in.

As much as we want to believe that it’s other people’s fault for hurting us, lying to us, or criticizing us, we need every bit of willpower to look at ourselves.

I thought the way I was being treated was the product of an irresponsible and disrespectful person, yet I went ahead and did those same things. It’s easy and in our nature to make our lives center around us. “What he or she did was to attack me. He/she doesn’t get me. I don’t deserve what is happening to me.”

But we can really miss how we’ve treated the people around us, some of whom are close and far. It’s not easy but it’s worth remembering.